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EDIT: I guess the problem was the commissioner forgot to mention to keep the idea generic, not exact. We’ve had contact and its all good, but my decision to monitor references before agreeing still stands.

So, I guess my ‘don’t question/don’t ask’ method of working with references has officially ended.

This rant is about this piece:

Many of you know, I refuse to draw certain things for money. Yes, I draw fan art of famous movie and video game characters for fun, not profit (I don’t even sell prints of those characters). I do not draw copyright characters for commissions. I did beg the question on what people think about other artists earning profit for copyright characters. Many artists on deviantArt and various other sites do this, and many don’t seem to mind. But, the response was obvious, it is wrong, and like myself, everyone agreed it shouldn’t be done. So, as always, I continued to never accept money for fan art. 

When I opened commissions the beginning of this month, I got someone who sent me a request to draw a very famous werewolf concept design that’s been used in something (I don’t know what exactly), but I recognized it instantly and told him no, I can’t draw that character. I told him to keep it generic or give me a non-copyright character to work with. He sent me one, I assumed like I always do, he paid someone to draw that for him, or he actually drew it himself. Since this was all done through email, I really didn’t have much to go off in terms of seeing if that character actually belonged to him. I found his dA later, but (my bad) I was too lazy to care.

I livestream and get the piece finished, everyone loves it, my transformation sequences are usually a big hit, then I notice a few comments calling the character by name, saying he’s from a video game. I’m upset. THEN I get a nasty dA note from someone who called me a hypocrite for stated a while ago, that I won’t draw copyright chars, but then I go ahead and draw this one. I explained I had no idea… they didn’t believe… the result ended with me blocking him. Thankfully nobody else jumped on the flame wagon like that moron did, so I did what I knew I could do, and changed the colors of the guys outfit to make it more unique and less obvious. Hopefully that fixed the problem.

I’m just mad that this even happened. I mean… especially since right after I told the guy I DO NOT DRAW COPYRIGHT CHARS FOR COMMISSIONS, he slips in with this, and like a fool, I took the bait. I am willing to give this guy a tiny benefit of the doubt; maybe he just looked around and saw the pic, not even knowing who it belonged to, and went with it, but… well, now that I think about it, that’s just as bad. >_<

But, like I said, I’m going to have to drill every person who sends me a ref that isn’t linked from their own galleries or an artists gallery that they clearly paid them to draw, still making it their own. I do always get that fishy feeling in the back of my mind when someone just sends me a plain .png pic, no trace of where its from. I just blindly obey, well not anymore. I almost feel like I should set some ground rules where they have to PROVE the character is really their own. Yep. Gone are the easy days. 

Anyways, /rant, just needed to explain what happened today. Fun, huh?